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Students have mixed feelings about going back to school amidst Covid-19
Tarikh : 24 Jun 2020  Sumber Berita: Utusan Borneo

MIRI: The reopening of schools for exam students in Form 5 and 6 starting today (June 24) amidst the Covid-19 pandemic has caused mixed feelings of joy and fear among the students here.

Adelaide Ting Yii Xuen, a Form 5 Science Newton student of SMK St. Columba says her fear outweighs her excitement to be back in school.

“Although we have been informed by the school of the various safety measures taken including sanitising the school and putting us in smaller groups in classrooms and going for recess at different times I am more worried and scared about Covid-19 than being excited of coming back to school,” said Ting when contacted.

She said she had not been out of their home in Luak Bay for the past three months except last week just to buy a reference book, adding that her parents too were very strict in not allowing them to go out for fear of Covid-19 infection.

Generally, she said she is happy with virtual learning since the lockdown from March 18, adding that she coped well and did not worry about her preparation for Form 5 examination next year.

“Our teachers covered the subjects well, not leaving out anything. The only setback is that I was told that some of our classmates were too shy to ask questions during virtual learning especially during physics lesson,” she said.

Ting said besides observing the SOP in school and to enhance protection, she would use facemask with added filter and also bring her own food from home instead of buying from the school canteen.

Cassandra Sonia Thiyaga Rajan

Schoolmate Cassandra Sonia Thiyaga Rajan concurred with Ting saying that she is quite nervous about going to school today (June 24).

“I am both excited and nervous of coming back to school because the Covid-19 really scares me. Before March 18, we were so used to be so close and at times hugging our friends during times of joy after not seeing them for quite a while. But with the new norms, we have to abide by the standard operating procedure like social distancing, wearing facemask and so on,” she said.

Cassandra of Form 5 Compassion says among the preparations for the school reopening is doing all her homework to pass to the teachers personally and also getting ready her facemasks and sanitizer lest she forgets to bring them. She would also bring food from home, to avoid going to the canteen and the need to go out of the classroom.

Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah during his Covid-19 daily press conference on June 12 advised students to wear masks and practise social distancing when they return to school on June 24.

Students too are urged not to gather at the canteen during recess, but instead tuck into packed lunches in their respective classrooms to curb Covid-19 infection.

“Students who show Covid-19 symptoms are encouraged to wear face masks, besides practising social distancing and frequent hand washing. If they can comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), infection in schools can be reduced by 65 or 70 per cent.

“We really hope that students comply with the SOPs,” he said.