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Strict border control thwarts illegal entry
Tarikh : 09 Nov 2020  Sumber Berita: The Borneo Post

A group of men attempting to enter the state illegally was asked to turn back.

KUCHING: Strict border control has thwarted two attempts of illegal entry into Sarawak under the cover of the night over the weekend.

“On Nov 7 at around 10.10pm, army personnel patrolling the border at Tebedu detained four men from Entikong
trying to enter Sarawak to look for jobs and asked them to turn back to their country of origin.

“In the second incident yesterday, eight men tried to enter the state illegally through an oil palm plantation near the Malaysia-Indonesia border and were resting in one of the huts when they were apprehended at 2.30am.

The job seekers were also asked to turnaround,” said a statement from the First Division Infantry yesterday.

The statement added that ‘Op Benteng’ is controlling the border in an integrated manner to curb illegal entry, cross-border criminal activities and the spread of Covid-19.